Introducing the newest collection in the Designer Series, Everlast. Developed in creative partnership with Kehoe Designs, Everlast gives the essence of luxury. This new collection lies in the nonessential, quiet elegance and gives a powerful presence – as refined textures, subtle interpretations of digital patterns are woven into this collection. Timeless and beautiful are the markers that give this naturalistic collection its sense of low-key luxury.

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After creating the Gold Kroft collection inspired by classic and contemporary linens, Kehoe Designs and BBJ Linen came together once again to create Everlast, a luxurious linen that will remain timeless and beautiful.

Download your copy of the lookbook to:

  • Discover the inspiration and collaboration with Kehoe Designs to create the collection
  • Learn how to pair these extravagant linens to create beautiful designs and settings
  • Find inspiration for using the Everlast Collection in your event design

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